4 Energy Efficiency Apps You Should Download Today

We’re all familiar with the saying “there’s an app for that”. But when we think of apps for our tablets or smartphones, what usually comes to mind is games, social networking, shopping, music and entertainment.

But somewhere buried deep underneath the thousands and thousands of types of apps mentioned above, there are a number of important apps that can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency apps do exist. They can help you save money. They can help you live a greener lifestyle. And most importantly, they can help you save energy. Here are four important apps that totally defines what it means to be energy efficient.


Available for Android 4.0+ and iOS 5.0+

Price: Free

The biggest problem with recycling is actually knowing and understanding what can and can’t be recycled. iRecycle teaches you how to recycle over 350 different materials which can be found around your home or office. The app, created by Earth 911, Inc., gives you a ton of info on recycling things like batteries, paint and electronics. The bottom line is, if it can be recycled, the iRecycle app will tell you why and how.


Available for Android devices and iOS 6.0+

Price: Free

GasBuddy (available in the U.S. and Canada) uses the GPS in your phone to find the cheapest gas prices nearest your current location. The app also allows you to report gas prices where you shop which helps other users find the best deals. And as an added bonus, GasBuddy gives you a chance to win $100 in gas each and every day.

Energy Cost Calculator

Available for Android 3.0+

Price: Free

The Energy Cost Calculator allows users to input figures such as consumption per hour, hours per day and the rate per kilowatt hour which, in turn, calculates the overall usage per day, week, month and year.


Available for Android 4.0.3+ and iOS 8+

The sole purpose of the GoodGuide app is to help consumers make the right purchasing decisions. The app has an extensive database of over 70,000 ratings in numerous categories ranging from personal care to toys. Operationally, the app is equipped with a barcode scanner which you can use when considering the purchase of any particular item. For purposes of energy and the environment, GoodGuide can inform you of the environmental impact of a product.

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