It’s Back to School Time and it’s Also a Perfect Time to Start Saving Electricity on Campus

When it comes to saving electricity, most of us primarily focus on our own homes. If you’re a business owner or executive, then you also focus on your brick and mortar establishments. The purpose of this article is for school district officials who can also turn their focus to individual schools. And for college and university officials across the country to do the same.

The bottom line is this: we should be looking to save energy and electricity in all facets of life. If you regularly attend school board meetings, one of the most popular topics is the budget. School districts are always looking for ways to trim costs.

Here are our best tips to conserve and save energy, electricity and money at all of our educational establishments.

  1. Get rid of hand dryers in the restrooms and replace them with old-fashioned paper towel dispensers.
  2. An excessive amount of energy is wasted leaving lights and fans on in empty classrooms. Administrators should set some time aside to create energy saving workshops to help educate staff and students to alleviate problems like this.
  3. There are many areas and hallways where lighting is not required on a consistent basis. Schools should consider installing motion sensor lighting which can lead to incredible energy savings.
  4. It’s time for schools to get rid of traditional lighting and install modern energy efficient LED lights.
  5. Even when classrooms are in session, are lights really necessary? The fact of the matter is, most classes happen during the day. Many schools are saving a ton of electricity by not using classroom lights on sunny days even when class is in session.
  6. During the colder parts of the year, some schools deploy heating systems in the hallways. But considering that students spend 95% of their days inside classrooms, these heaters are an energy waster.
  7. In tip #2, we mentioned that school admins should create energy-saving workshops. Piggy-backing on that idea, schools should invite experts to speak to students on how to conserve energy while at school. These workshops should encourage students to voice their ideas and creating some type of ‘rewards’ program should be implemented.
  8. Many computer labs at schools are filled with old technology. It’s time to replace those old desktop machines and monitors with newer energy efficient models.
  9. Teachers should be diligent in unplugging computers, smart boards and projectors when they are not in use. Leaving devices like these plugged in all day are a massive energy waster.
  10. Older traditional devices and appliances should start to be phased out in favor of newer energy efficient models.

Education shouldn’t just be about math, English, science and history. Kids should be taught to conserve energy and electricity starting at a young age. The tips we listed above can get schools moving in the right direction.

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