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You have a choice in who powers your business,
energy choice is important to us all, deregulation gives you the power to choose!
The Energy Choice Program
What is Energy Choice? Energy Choice is a consumer focused program. Due to energy deregulation in over 20 States, you the consumer now have the option to lower your energy bills due to increased competition.

The Energy Choice Program is now available IN YOUR STATE, which means you now have a choice of electricity and gas providers. More competition means lower prices, or it should, but you’re probably paying the same for gas and electricity as you used to before deregulation. The vast majority of utility customers are. That’s because your current electricity and gas suppliers have no reason to tell you that market pressures have lowered the price you should be paying for energy.
Imagine there was only one gas station or grocery store in your city. They could charge whatever they wanted, and that’s what your utility companies have been doing. Now, for the first time, there’s competition and energy choice, so stop paying high utility rates. The only thing you will notice is a lower bill every month.
Traditionally electric and natural gas consumers never had a choice as to who supplied their electricity and natural gas; the utility that served the region served all qualified customers within that area. Today, however, The Energy Choice Program allows eligible customers to shop and choose electric and natural gas suppliers that best suit their needs.
In areas where competition and deregulation exists, the utility company is responsible for maintaining and repairing the infrastructure, delivering electricity and natural gas to the end consumer, and ensuring reliability. A supplier, on the other hand, is the company that sells the electricity and natural gas that the utility delivers. Due to The Energy Choice Program, suppliers now compete in an open marketplace by offering a variety of services and incentives, and you the consumer can choose the supplier that best meets your energy needs.
In the simplest terms, The Energy Choice Program creates competition, forcing energy suppliers to compete to provide you electricity and/or natural gas. While your utility still owns and maintains the power and gas lines, many markets have opened up allowing 3rd party suppliers to compete to provide the actual electric and natural gas flowing through those lines.
Basically how it works is that if that side of the market is forced to compete, energy suppliers will devise ways to drive down their costs in order to win your business and turn a profit. Your local utility does not really care who supplies the electric or natural gas because they are guaranteed a profit legally for maintaining the lines. They are basically a local monopoly.