Fun Games and Activities You Can Enjoy as a Family to Slash Your Electric Bill

When it comes to kids playing games, we as parents all have the same wish — that they actually learn something while playing. But let’s face it, most games have little if any educational value. But the bottom line is, we realize that if kids can learn something while having fun at the same time, then that is a win-win situation.

Summer is fast approaching and we know that our electric bills are about to soar. But you as parents can help minimize the rising costs by teaching your kids how to conserve power. And you can achieve this goal by playing games.

Here are some electricity saving family activities that you can put into effect right away:

“I Spy” a Waste of Energy

Kids love playing the game “I spy”. But rather than “I spying” a bird, school bus or a cat with stripes, why not do it with energy wasters? Give kids the educational challenge of finding energy wasting appliances and devices around the house. For example, have them “I spy” a light that is left on in an unoccupied room. Or have them “I spy” devices that are still plugged in and not in use.

As your kids spot these energy wasting situations, they will deserve an award. Maybe an added bump in their allowance or an extra scoop of ice cream after dinner would be the perfect incentives.

Create Your Own Games Using Activities Online

Did you know that there are a ton of fun games online that will teach kids to save power? Many of them are interactive. There are puzzles, riddles, quizzes, activity books, animated movies, board games, cute characters and much more. The goal of these games and activities is simple: to make learning fun.

And by making energy saving fun, kids will begin to practice what they learn and as mentioned above, be sure to award them for their efforts.

Science Experiments

Your first thought when it comes to science experiments may be that kids need to be a little older to participate. But that is not necessarily true. Kids can start learning through science as early as kindergarten. Here are some interesting science experiments that can teach kids about saving energy:

  • Comparing light bulbs
  • Saving hot water
  • Sun and shade
  • Cooling fans
  • Insulation
  • Energy from garbage
  • Waste heat

For information on these science experiments, check out this page which lists numerous experiments and activities.

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