Here’s How The Amazon Echo Can Help You Lower Your Energy Costs

The Amazon Echo, otherwise known as Alexa, can perform many functions such as giving weather reports, playing music and controlling smart devices such as thermostats, doorbells and cameras. But Alexa can also help you lower your energy costs by the use of education.

If you own an Alexa, you can download apps, which are known as “skills”, to the device. And these skills allow you to interact with Alexa in a myriad of different ways. And interestingly enough, there are a few skills available that are related to energy and electricity usage.

After doing our research, here are the best energy and electricity saving skills on Alexa today.

Alliant Energy

Description: Want to learn ways to save money on your utility bill? Alliant Energy is here to help! With the Alliant Energy skill, you can learn many different and easy ways to save on your energy usage, which can result in lower energy bills. And who doesn’t want to save both energy and money?

To get started, just say, “Alexa, ask Alliant Energy how I can save energy.” You’ll hear a useful tip, and will then be asked if you’d like to hear more.

Green Mountain Energy Company

Description: Green Mountain Energy is changing the way power is made, and its eco-friendly tip of the day is a great way for you to do the little things to make the future brighter.

Energy Saving Tips

Description: Listen to many ways of saving energy and money.

Energy Tips

Description: Reduce your utility bills by following these home energy tips.

Go Green

Description: This skill has tons of tips on some of the most pressing issues facing the earth right now. Challenge yourself to put as many of these tips into practice as you can! Topics include: water conservation, pollution, recycling, deforestation, and energy saving.

FPL (Florida Power & Light Company)

Description: Get energy-saving tips to help you save energy and money- all with the power of your voice. Once you’ve opened the skill, here are some voice commands that you can use: How can I lower my energy bill? What’s your energy-saving tip of the day?


Some electric and energy companies have skills available for their customers to provide bill details. Here are a few we found.

Just Energy

Description: This skill allows existing Just Energy (TX only) customers to ask for their bill details and access multiple accounts. It also allows user to ask Just Energy for a random energy fact or how to contact us.

Say: “What are my bill details”, the skill will respond with the current bill details. Say: “Tell me an energy fact”, the skill will respond back with a random energy fact or energy savings tip. Say: “Contact Just Energy”, the skill will respond back with Just Energy’s contact information. Say: “Help”, the skill will respond by listing all questions a customer can ask Just Energy.

Ambit Energy

Description: Ambit Energy is excited to introduce the Ambit Energy Skill that will enable customer to access account details, balances, past usage, estimated energy charges, account information, access to support and even some energy specific jokes.

TXU Energy

Description: Managing your TXU Energy account’s never been easier. Get your account balance, make a payment and learn ways to use less energy and more.


Description: This skill allows existing Reliant Energy electricity customers to check their account balance, know about their current plan, get their energy usage, and more.


Description: Discover a new way to connect with ComEd through the Alexa skill. ComEd customers can use this skill to check their balance due, report outages and get outage status updates.


In the future you can expect that your particular energy company will offer an Alexa skill. But in the meantime, you can install some of the skills mentioned above to help you lower your energy and electricity usage.

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