Here’s How to Choose Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

Is your home drafty? Are your windows hard to open or close? Do they have condensation buildup? Sounds like it’s time for new ENERGY STAR certified windows.

Here are four easy steps to select energy efficient windows to make your home more comfortable.

Step 1:

Look for the ENERGY STAR symbol. ENERGY STAR certified windows can save you an average of 8% on your energy bills. Better yet, windows with the “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient” designation are up to 40% more efficient than standard windows. ENERGY STAR certified windows are better insulated, through things like:

  • Low-e glass coating
  • Insulated frames and sashes
  • Inert gases between the panes

Step 2:

Know your climate zone There are four climate zones (pictured below) in the United States: Northern, North-Central, South-Central and Southern. Choose a window rated for the zone you live in. For even more efficient windows, choose a window certified for a higher zone than your own.

Pictured above: The four climate zones in the United States

You can look at the map below to determine which zone you’re in. You can also visit the ENERGY STAR website for more information regarding these zones.

Step 3:

Consult with a supplier about getting the right windows for your home. For example, do you have an older home? You’ll likely want windows with medium or high solar gain to transmit the sun’s heat in cold months.

Is your home exposed to wind gusts? You’ll likely need a compression seal, found in casement and awning type windows.

Step 4:

Hire a professional. Trained installers ensure your windows will perform their best. Do your research to find reputable installers then get three quotes to install your ENERGY STAR certified windows.


Follow these four simple steps to select the perfect ENERGY STAR certified windows that will save energy, save money and protect the planet. And be sure to visit the ENERGY STAR website for more information.

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