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Words of Praise From Our Happily Satisfied Clients
US Power saved our company $600/month… I wish I would have switched sooner.
– J. Walsh
Collision Experts
We chose USPL because of their informative, independent and objective approach. Cam and his team put knowledge and analysis first and… his helpful approach established trust.
– L. Worthaler
Brighton Cosmetics
I didn’t even know I was able to choose my energy supplier. We were spending blindly, and overpaying all the way! Thanks to USPL my company is now saving over $900 per month for the exact same services. Thanks.
– L. Huggins
Paragon Supply Co.
I was a non believer at first, but thanks for following up with us and educating me. We chose to go with US Power due to their honesty and transparency with this process. We are now saving well over $15,000/year.
– T. Salinsky
Landmark Builders
I used to just pay my utility bill each month and never even looked at the fine print. You guys educated me and showed me how to not only reduce my cost/KWh but I appreciate all of the energy savings tips as well. I would urge all energy customers to listen to what US Power has to say.
– R. Sanders
Sanders Security Services
What a great service! you guys are extremely professional. My rep. David walked me through step by step. He was right, it was pretty easy and painless! Thank you guys for helping our company save
– B. Salazar
American Print & Paper
Every business owner should look to save money on their energy bills. This was a no brainer for us. I had a feeling we were overpaying, I can’t believe you guys cut our electricity bill in half! Thanks Joseph!
– C. Dobson
American Restoration Experts
As a business customer in a deregulated state, you have the opportunity to lower your electricity and gas costs significantly by switching to a new energy supplier. US POWER AND LIGHT has a large network of the most competitive and reputable energy suppliers in the industry which allows us to save you time and money in researching your options and locating the best rates for your business.
How It Works
US POWER AND LIGHT helps thousands
of businesses to:
  • Compare rates from electric and gas suppliers
  • Switch to a new supplier
  • Save money on your utility bills each month!
  • We make switching EASY!
  • Drive your energy rates down due to increased competition
  • Use deregulation to your advantage – save up to 35% off of your current energy bills
Why Switch?
Benefits of Switching your Electric or
Gas Supplier:
  • No fees to switch
  • Lower your electric and gas bills
  • Switching is free and easy
  • No interruption in service
  • Continue to receive bill from your utility company
  • Same bill, same energy, lower rate!