How Mothers Can Teach Their Kids How To Save Money On Energy

As a mom you’re always looking for easy ways to save money on energy and teach your kids to be more environmentally conscious. Energy bills are can get very expensive and most families spend over $2000 every year. So here are some easy ways you can save money at home.

Let’s start with some tips on saving electricity. Run your dishwasher during off-peak hours to save 50% on your energy bill.  Peak hours are usually 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM so the goal is to run your dishwasher outside of this timeframe. By doing so, your electric company will usually charge you less. It’s a great idea to do it at night because then you wake up in the morning to a clean sink which is an added bonus.

To teach your kids about energy savings, a good idea would be to create fun games. One idea would be a fun scavenger hunt. Have your kids go around the house and find everything with a red or a blue light. Even when those devices are off they’re still using energy. Unplug them or better yet invest in a power strip so it’s really easy to turn off. Just making this simple change can save you over $100 a year.

If you haven’t already switched your light bulbs over to the LEDs now is the time. They last 10 times longer and save up to 70%. For the average household that’s about $230 a year in savings. You can get them really inexpensively from Amazon or even your energy company.

The next tip is to save on water and gas. The biggest way to save money is to have energy-efficient machines and the biggest return on your investment is your washing machine. Check to determine if you your washing machine has the ENERGY STAR logo on it. If so, check with your energy provider to see if they will offer a rebate so you can save a ton on doing laundry.

A couple of good ways to reduce water usage is to replace your showerheads with a low-flow option and shorten the length of your shower. Another game to play with kids is to see which one can turn off the water fastest in-between rinses while brushing their teeth. You will be teaching them that it is a total waste of water to run the faucet the entire time they’re brushing their teeth. This is also a good tip for adults who are still doing it even today.

And finally here are some heating and cooling tips. Make sure you have good air flow in your house. To do so, make sure that furniture isn’t blocking vents. You should also clean the vent grates on a regular basis. Also make sure your air filters are changed out so your heating and cooling system operates at max potential.

Use ceiling fans to your advantage. We all know fans can cool a room but by reversing the direction of the blades when it’s wintertime the hot air that’s risen to the top of the ceiling will be pushed down the floor to help keep the room nice and toasty. Look for that little button on your fan and give it a try.

Consider investing in a programmable thermostat that you can set on a cycle to use less energy when you’re not at home or asleep. Replace weather stripping around windows as needed and any place where there are drafts. Consider making a draft guard. With the help from your kids, you can make them yourself using fabric cotton and a little bit of rice to weigh it down.

Your blinds and curtains are a powerful tool to help heat and cool your house. Keep them open during the day especially if you have a south side-facing house to let it heat and close up at night.

These tips should be enough to help you and your kids get started in your journey to saving energy and electricity. And then you can use all the money you saved to take your kids on a dream vacation to Disney World.

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