How to Save $50-$100 a Year Using Smart Plugs

When it comes to using smart home accessories, you could save $50 to $100 on your energy bill each and every single year. One of the ways to achieve this is by adding a smart plug to all of your high-powered usage areas.

For many of you, that will probably be the living room or home office if you have one. For those of you who do have a home office, it could possibly consist of a desktop computer, a laptop, a monitor, a printer, a set of computer speakers, a webcam, a television and a few chargers.

On top of that, all of these devices could possibly be plugged into one outlet with a set of power strips and surge protectors. By adding a smart plug to that outlet you can easily control the amount of phantom power going to all your devices.

Here’s a quick explanation on the concept of phantom power. It’s basically power that’s being drawn by a device even though it’s not on. So your television may not be on right now but it’s still drawing current. This explains why it is readily available when you use your remote to turn it on.

That being said, power is still being wasted while your TV is sitting idle in the “off” position. To eliminate phantom power, all you have to do is just unplug all the devices or turn off the corresponding power strips. This may sound like a simple solution but it will get tedious and you will eventually forget or just get tired of doing it.

And that’s where the smart plug comes in. Smart plugs may seem like a novelty device because of the ability to remotely turn on and off an appliance. But the real benefit of the smart plug is the ability of logic and automation.

iDevices Switch – WiFi Smart Plug w/ Energy Monitoring, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa

For example, you can set a smart plug to turn off the moment you leave your home. This would be handy for your living room or home office area because if I’m no one is physically present there’s no need for any of your devices to be on.

And that same automation could turn everything back on when you re-enter the house. You could also apply this logic to your entertainment system if you have a game console, a DVR, a DVD or blu-ray player, a sound bar, etc.

Automation could turn everything off at 11:00 PM for example and then turn it all back on at 7:00 AM the next morning.

One of the best smart plug devices on the market today is the iDevices Switch ($29.95 – pictured above) available on Amazon. Here are some of the key features listed on Amazon:

  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
  • REMOTE ACCESS: Control and monitor electronics plugged into your iDevices Switch from anywhere, no hub required
  • SCHEDULING: Create unlimited schedules to turn on an off your electronics based on your daily routine. Create a Scene to turn on multiple devices with one command
  • ENERGY MONITORING: Monitor energy usage of any device plugged into the iDevices Switch with the free iDevices Connected app
  • EASY SETUP: Download the iDevices Connected app, plug in the Switch, scan the unique code. No need to enter Wi-Fi network information.

Smart plugs combined with automation can save you money each and every year. Now is the time to stop losing money on vampire energy. Now is the time to stop losing money because you forget to turn off your appliances when you leave the house.

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