Is Your Cable Box Consuming Too Much Energy And Costing You A Fortune?

There’s no debate that cold temperatures always cause energy bills to skyrocket this time of year.  So many of you are looking for ways to cut costs any way possible. One interesting theory suggests that your cable box could be sucking up a lot of energy. But is it true? We’re here to give you the facts.

Heating your home during the brutal winter can make you entirely afraid to open your electric bill when it arrives in the mail. And to combat the eventual higher bill, you try to do all the right things. You remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room. You remember to turn down the thermostat a few degrees when you go to work. But somehow your utility bill looks like you’re running a large factory.

You know the feeling. The amount due on your bill is an absolute head-scratcher. So what gives? Well, you may have heard that your cable box is consuming more energy than you think. But is that really true?

For the answer we have to go all the way back to a 2011 study conducted by the National Resources Defense Council. That study found that your cable box is so energy inefficient to the point that it is costing users a net electric bill of about three billion dollars across the country.


And despite that study being made public seven years ago not much has changed when it comes to cable box efficiency. But the question is, how can that little box use all that energy? Let’s think about it for a second. Your TV and cable box are designed to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. So what does this mean? It means that most, if not all cable boxes never switch off completely.

More specifically, a majority of cable boxes never go idle or switch to power-saving mode. The study found that your cable box is the second biggest energy vampire in your home.

What is an energy vampire you ask? An energy vampire is an electronic device or appliance that continues to consume energy and drain power even when it is switched off.

So there you have it. Your cable box is the second largest energy consuming device/appliance in your home next to your air conditioning/heating system. And if your cable box also serves as your DVR to record your favorite shows, you can understand why it never shuts off completely. And it should also be mentioned that cable boxes can take up to 10 minutes to power on if they were shut off completely. Because of that fact alone, it’s understandable that cable boxes never completely shut off.

It makes you wonder why cable boxes actually have an on/off button on the remote control begin with.

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