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Switch to a Top Energy Provider in Maryland

Maryland is one of the original 13 colonies, and it is home to diverse landscapes and ways of life. There are gorgeous beaches along the Eastern Shore, the Appalachian foothills on the west, and the major metropolitan area of Baltimore near the center. In the state capital, Annapolis, you will also find the US Naval Academy. Maryland is the country’s largest producer of blue crabs, and it is known for its incredible crab cakes.

The majority of Maryland business owners and homeowners rely on PEPCO or Baltimore Gas & Electric as their electricity company, making US Power and Light an ideal third-party energy supplier, helping to add more competition and draw down electric rates.

Energy Facts in Maryland:

Maryland is home to one nuclear power plant, Calvert Cliffs, and in 2015, it supplied the state with forty-percent of its electricity. In 2015, ninety-eight percent of Maryland’s electricity generation came from independent producers, with the remaining two percent coming from commercial and industrial facilities.

Seven-and-a-half percent of Maryland’s electricity came from renewable resources, including solar and hydroelectric, in 2015. When it comes to coal exportation, Maryland exports the second highest amount in the country, and coal is the leading export out of the Port of Baltimore.

Energy Choice Lets You Choose Your MD Energy Provider

Since 1999, Maryland residents have had access to energy choice, which allows them to select their own MD electric supplier instead of just accepting whoever was assigned to them when they moved in. If you are currently using Baltimore Gas & Electric or PEPCO as your home or business’s electricity company, there is a high probability that you could reduce your energy bill by switching to North American Power as your energy provider in Maryland. See if you qualify now.

Take Control of Your Energy Bill in Maryland

When you look at your MD energy bill, you will notice that there is a delivery charge and a charge for the actual energy source. The delivery of your electricity has to be done by your assigned Maryland electricity company because the wires and poles are already connected to your home. However, thanks to energy choice—or energy deregulation—you get to choose who is your MD energy supplier.

At US Power and Light, we are able to provide our customers with more predictable, oftentimes lower, electric rates. When you select us as your electric supplier, you can take back control over your electric rates. And don’t worry; if there are any outage issues or maintenance needs, your current electricity company will still take care of you no matter who supplies the energy itself.

US Power and Light Is a Top MD Electric Supplier

When you switch to US Power and Light as your electric supplier in Maryland, you get to reap the benefits of more predicable, fair electric rates. The entire transition process is seamless, and you will have access to our award-winning customer service.

NO interruption in serviceNO equipment to buyNO installation fees

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