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Whether You Run a Business or Just Live in NJ, You Have a Choice When It Comes to Energy Suppliers

Even though New Jersey may be small, it boasts the 11th largest population in the United States, making it the densest state in the country. New Jersey got its start as part of the colonial New Netherlands, but it 1664, they became their own state. New Jersey has all types of topography, including heavy commercial areas, ample farmland, and some of the most famous beaches in the world.

To combat the hot summers and cold winters, most homeowners in New Jersey are in need of both a natural gas and energy supplier. At US Power and Light we have several fixed-rate energy plans that offer them both.

Facts About Energy Usage in New Jersey:

In 2015, New Jersey had the 10th highest electricity rates in the country. The oldest nuclear power plant that is still in operation is located in New Jersey. Oyster Creek was built in 1969 and will continue to be used until 2019. By 2021, New Jersey has committed to making renewable energy the source for almost one-fourth of their energy consumption.

What You Need to Know About NJ Energy Suppliers

Thanks to a program called energy deregulation—or energy choice—New Jersey homeowners and business owners have had a choice when it comes to their natural gas and energy suppliers since 1999. If you are currently using JCPL, Atlantic City Electric, PSEG, New Jersey Natural Gas, Rockland Electric, PSEG Gas, or South Jersey Gas as your natural gas or electric provider, you may be able to save big by switching to a third-party energy supplier like us.

You Can Take Control of Your NJ Electricity Rates

In New Jersey, your electric and natural gas bills are divided into two sections: the energy source itself and the delivery of the energy source to your home. While the wires and poles that are connected to your home cannot be changed (i.e. the delivery portion of the bill), you can control who supplies you with the electricity or natural gas.

You will still rely on the pre-assigned electricity company to get the energy into your home, and they will deal with any service calls or outages, but you can have US Power and Light provide the electricity and natural gas. When you choose us as your energy supplier, there is a good chance you can dramatically lower your New Jersey energy rates.

US Power and Light Makes Switching Energy Suppliers Easy

It may sound daunting to switch electric providers, but rest assured, the process is effortless on your part. As soon as you let us know you want to switch to us as your New Jersey energy supplier, we will contact your current electric company for you. Our fixed-rate plans and personalized customer service will make your life a lot easier.

NO interruption in service – NO equipment to buy – NO installation fees

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