Do Your Part in Saving Electricity in the Workplace

In a perfect world, we would all do our part in saving electricity which, in turn, would have an incredibly positive impact on the environment. For those of you who are already doing your part, chances are you only focused on energy conservation at home. If that’s the case, now would be a good time to start sharing those good habits in the workplace.

Saving energy and electricity on the job can go a long way in reducing our overall carbon footprint. It can also help reduce toxic emissions in the atmosphere. And for those of you on the job who are cost conscious, it can lead to lower energy bills.

Here are a few ways to do your part in saving energy and electricity in the workplace.

Turn off appliances and devices when not in use

If you use a computer at work, chances are you leave it on overnight. And if you work in an office with numerous computers, this is a total waste of electricity and money. Also, workers should get in the habit of setting their computer in sleep mode when stepping away for lunch or a break.

At the end of the work day, workers should also check to make sure that other appliances are turned off as well like the copy machine, projectors, coffee machine, printers, etc.

Turn out the lights, the party’s over

It’s amazing to drive by empty businesses at night and notice that half the lights are left on. Once again, this is a total waste of electricity. At the end of the day be sure to turn off the lights in your cubicle and if you’re the last to leave in your department or section, turn off the lights to the room.

During sunny days, if there is enough light from the outside to illuminate the room, then turn off the lights during this time as well.

Cut back on printing

One of the biggest issues in offices is the amount of wasted paper printouts. Now is the time to stop printing copies of every report, memo, project and spreadsheet. Simply save the document to your computer and only print when necessary.

Think about your printer at home. How often do you use it? Chances are, you don’t use it much because YOU are the one who buys printer cartridges for it so you don’t want to waste ink. But at the office, your mentality is different because you aren’t the one paying for the ink. So ask yourself, why is your mentality different at the office?

As an added benefit to the environment, be sure to use recycled paper for printing.

Use the A/C only when necessary

Does the office really need to run the air conditioner or heater on pleasant days? If you work in a building where the windows can be opened, consider using fresh air from the outside rather than running the A/C. This will have a considerable impact on the company’s electric bill.

Replace those old-school lights

Businesses are wasting a ton of money on old traditional incandescent bulbs which are actually no longer manufactured. Now is the time for companies to switch to one of the following types of energy-efficient lights: halogen incandescents, CFLs or LEDs.

LEDs are the most efficient but are also the most expensive. But to give you an idea of why businesses should consider LEDs, they last 8 to 25 time longer than halogen incandescents while using 25 to 30 percent less energy.


If you practice saving energy and electricity at home, consider practicing those same techniques at the workplace. The five tips listed above will help your company save money and will help the environment as well. And who knows? Maybe the lower energy costs will earn you and your co-workers a big raise.

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