Renewable Energy Myths Exposed — Can You Handle the Truth?

There is a lot of fake news being thrown around about the science of renewable energy. At the top of the fake news pyramid are those in important government positions who are skeptical about climate change. But there are other myths related to renewable energy including how it can’t provide electricity 24/7, it’s too expensive and how wind farms will kill birds.

It’s time to disprove these myths with science. Education is key. And now is the time we all learn truth.

Myth #1 — Renewable Energy is Too Expensive for the Average Consumer to Afford

This is an absolute untruth. As it turns out, wind power is one of the cheapest forms of energy available in the world. And furthermore, solar power is also cheaper than nuclear and coal.

On the flip side however, renewable energy is a bit more expensive than gas. That being said, forecasters have predicted that gas costs will rise in the future while renewable energy costs will decrease.

Myth #2 — Climate Change is a Hoax

If you agree with Donald Trump then you have not told the truth. For centuries we have relied on science to help shape the future. So the question is, why abandon science now when it has come to the conclusion that climate change is indeed real?

Global warming is being caused by humans. Many, if not most of us are ignoring all the warning signs. It is time that we all become educated to save the health of the world.

It’s time to believe science and scientists over politicians.

Myth #3 — Wind Farms Will Kill Birds

Unfortunately, this myth does have a slight bit of truth. In the early days of wind farms developed in the U.S. birds were killed by wind turbines that were poorly designed and not well positioned. But scientists learned from their mistakes and today’s turbines are much less harmful to our flying friends. On top of that, considerable research is done before positioning them.

Myth #4 — Renewable Energy Can’t Produce Electricity 24 Hours a Day

For most, the thought of both wind and solar energy is mysterious. The questions are obvious: what happens if there is no wind or sunshine?

Here is what most people don’t understand. Those aren’t the only types of renewable energies or technologies. There are other methods that can meet energy demands when wind and solar won’t do the trick. The goal of regions across the country is to come up with a balanced collection of energy sources which will, in turn, provide a steady supply of electricity.

What are these other energies and technologies? Hydropower, battery storage and biomass. So in the end, it’s not about relying solely on wind and solar energy. It’s about balancing a variety of sources to help keep the lights on.

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