Six Simple Ways to Save Electricity in Your Bedrooms This Summer

When it comes to saving electricity at home, your immediate thoughts tend to center around major appliances and energy hogs. And truth be told, we generally don’t use as much energy and electricity in our bedrooms as we do in the kitchen or living room.

But it shouldn’t matter if your bedroom doesn’t use as much energy as the rest of your home. There are still things you can do to cut down on energy wasters and lower your energy bill each and every month.

Here are six simple ways to save electricity in your bedrooms.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Securely Sealed

Air-conditioning makes up a majority of home energy usage. Having improperly sealed windows can force your air-conditioner to work harder. The better your windows are sealed, the less you spend on electricity.

The best way to achieve this goal is to caulk your bedroom windows if you notice that they don’t have a good seal. This will prevent cold air from leaking out and allow your air conditioner to operate more efficiently.

Close Those Curtains

Another way to effectively prevent cold air from escaping is to use heavy curtains that block sunlight. Doing so will prevent your house from getting warmer during those hot summer days. Keep the curtains closed to help allow your air conditioner to operate more efficiently.

Shut Those Closet Doors

Here’s a tip to remember: the larger a room is, the more an air conditioner has to work to keep it cool. And since you don’t need to air- condition the clothes hanging in your closet, it makes sense to keep closets closed during the day.

Unplug Before Snoozing

When going to bed at night, unplug all unnecessary devices. It doesn’t make any sense to waste electricity while you’re in la-la land throughout the night.

If you have the habit of charging your devices overnight, you may be wearing down the device’s battery by over-charging it. This is because it only takes a couple of hours to charge them but you asleep far longer than that.

Use Power Strips to Manage Your Electronics

To make the previous tip easier, using power strips can make it easier to turn off all your devices at bedtime.

Lights Out… Literally

For many, if not most, turning off the lights at bedtime is an absolute given. But for the rest of you, leaving the nights on while you sleep is a total waste of energy and electricity.

But we do understand that there are many of you who would prefer not to sleep in absolute darkness. Therefore, a good tip would be to add a dimmer switch to your lights which will help save energy overnight.


Saving energy in the bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the six tips listed above are entirely doable. Try to put these tips into effect and you will see your power bill consistently lower.


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