‘Tis the Season for Giving Energy Efficient Gifts

Before you light your tree, before you light your fire and before you wrap your presents, make sure you make choices that are energy efficient and cost effective this holiday season.

Why not give a green gift this year? Consider gifting energy-saving LED bulbs which use up to 80% less energy than traditional lights. That means you could save more than $100 per year by using only LED lights in your home.

Next, try gifting pressure cookers. Not only are they perfect for cooking a delicious meal, they use 70% less energy than regular pots and pans by sealing in hot air.

Low-flow showerheads also make for great gifts. This energy-saving gift could save a family of three more than $600 per year.

So now that you have your energy efficient Christmas presents picked out you need a tree to put them under. And if you’re decorating your tree with lights that are more than a decade old you’re wasting money.

Use LED holiday lights instead which are now available in a variety of colors. What’s great about these bulbs is they last a lot longer than traditional Christmas lights — up to 20,000 hours. That’s enough for 40 holiday seasons!

And best of all, if one bulb goes out, the rest of the LED bulbs will still light. This will save you a lot of frustration!

LED bulbs can lower your holiday lighting bill by up to 90%. When purchasing them, remember to only purchase lights that have been tested by an organization like Underwriters Laboratories (UL). They make sure the lights are safe.

Finally, if you’re going to cozy up to a nice fire by your Christmas tree make sure your damper is closed and any glass doors are sealed after the fire goes out.  If not, warm air from your home will go right up the chimney.

These simple tips should help you save energy this holiday season.

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