Here Are Ways to Save Both Energy and Electricity in Your Backyard

Even though summer is almost over, you can still enjoy hanging out as a family in your backyard for a few more weeks. But just because you’re outside, you can still save both energy and electricity. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the great outdoors while simultaneously keeping your energy bills low.

Keep your yard beautiful while saving money at the same time

When it comes to keeping your yard beautifully landscaped, most of us maintain it by using tons of water. But there are ways to save water which will keep both your yard and your plants absolutely welcoming and gorgeous.

The first thing you can do is install a rainwater retention tank. Your first thought may be that these tanks are ugly, unpleasant to look at and won’t fit in with your backyard décor. But most retention tanks are surprisingly aesthetic. And the water you collect in your tank can be used to water your plants.

Make it a habit to water your plants during the evening hours. By doing so during the middle of the day, you run the risk of excess water loss due to evaporation from heat.

Finally, you should cover the base of your plants with wood chips, grass clippings or straw which will help them retain soil moisture. By retaining soil moisture, this means that you won’t need to water them quite as often.

Saving electricity in your backyard

When it comes to saving electricity at home, the backyard is normally not the first place to come to mind. However, your backyard can be an electricity guzzler if you don’t keep certain things in mind.

The first thing you should do in your backyard is replace your old traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs. In fact, you should do that both inside and outside your home. You can also consider solar powered lighting for both your patio and garden.

Here’s something you’ve probably never heard of or considered: solar barbecues. There are several brands available today so perhaps you should consider investing in a new one that will replace your gas or electric grill. Doing so will be the ultimate green alternative.

With autumn around the corner, the leaves are about to change colors and fall to the ground. Once that happens, many of you will pull the leaf blower off the garage shelf and plug it in. But instead of wasting electricity on a leaf blower, consider going old school and using the rake instead.

Yes, we know that it will take more effort to rake up those dead leaves rather than using the leaf blower. But think about the energy and electricity savings while doing so.

Remember the tip mentioned earlier about covering the base of your plants? After raking up your leaves, you can turn them into compost which you can then use to cover the foot of your plants. Now how’s that for a plan?


These are just a few tips to help you save both energy and electricity in your backyard. Combine these tips with what you’re already doing inside your home and you will start to see some serious savings on your energy bills.

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