Yes, You Can Save Energy and the Electricity in the Bathroom — Here’s How

There’s no doubt that conserving energy and electricity can be achieved in many ways. You know all the ‘usual’ ways including unplugging devices when not in use, turning off lights when you leave a room and efficiently managing your air conditioner during the hot summer.

But you can also save energy in the bathroom, primarily by consuming less water or using more cold water instead of hot. Here are a few tips you can use in the bathroom to save energy and electricity.

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Water Tips

  1. Take shorter showers as opposed to taking baths which will use much less water. As an added bonus, you will save energy by not heating all the extra water needed to draw a bath. This is a significant tip because using your hot water heater could account for up to 25% of your home’s overall energy usage.
  2. Use cold water whenever feasible. It may be a habit to use hot water to rinse off your toothpaste but it’s totally unnecessary. Cold water works just as well and it doesn’t waste energy.
  3. Switch to low-flow shower heads. This type of shower head will reduce overall water waste by using saving roughly three to seven gallons per minute.
  4. If you have older toilets (ones that are not low flow), purchase a toilet tank bank to save water. The purpose of the toilet tank bank is to conserve water per flush (anywhere from 80 to 160oz depending on the tank banks you use). Toilet tank banks are very cheap to purchase.
  5. Check for leaky faucets and always get leaks repaired as soon as possible. If you really want a high water bill, let a leaky faucet or toilet continue to drip for a couple of weeks.

Other Tips (Besides Water Tips) on Saving Energy and Electricity in the Bathroom

  1. Unplug devices when not in use. This include hair dryers, electric shavers, Waterpiks, etc. Not only will this save electricity, it is also a good safety tip.
  2. Use energy efficient LED light bulbs.
  3. Always turn off the lights when exiting. This is even more important when switching on a light also triggers the fan.
  4. Only use the extractor fan when needed. And once it has done its job, turn it off even if you remain in the bathroom. Many people have the tendency to leave the fan on the entire time they are in the bathroom even after it has done its job.
  5. Consider air-drying your hair instead of using the hairdryer, especially during the summer. There’s no need to add any extra heat to your home when your air conditioner is working to keep it cool.

You may think that these tips don’t sound like much but we love to live by the adage ‘a little bit goes a long way’. Yes, you can save energy and electricity in the bathroom and the tips above should give you an excellent starting point.

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