5 Tips to Make Your Dishwasher More Efficient

Ask yourself the following question. If you have a dishwasher, are you using it efficiently? Did you actually know there are right and wrong ways to use your dishwasher? Defining right versus wrong can be summed up by this simple question: does your dishwasher cost you more money than it needs to?

We have some simple tips to help make your dishwasher more efficient. But before doing so, here is an interesting fact. Did you know that you use more energy washing dishes by hand in the sink? Most likely, you waste a ton of water doing so.  So using a dishwasher is the way to go. Using a dishwasher efficiently is even better.

Avoid Using the Sink

Common sense may lead you to believe that you should rinse dishes in the sink before loading them into the dishwasher. From this point forward, you should just simply scrape the leftover food into the trash rather than using the sink. This will save a ton off water and money as well. Just be sure to scrape the dishes thoroughly to avoid having food particles clog up your dishwasher drain.

Fill it Up

You should only run your dishwasher when you have a full load. Each time you clean a load, you use the same amount of water, energy and electricity. By waiting until the dishwasher is at full capacity, your overall usage greatly decreases.

Don’t Skimp on Detergents and Cleaners

When you’re at the store ready to purchase detergents and cleaners for your dishwasher, you may be tempted to purchase a cheap unproven brand. But what good did that do you if you have to run the cycle again because your dishes didn’t get clean enough the first time? Spending more for top-rated detergents and cleaners will eliminate the “cloudy” look that is left by cheaper brands.

Air Dry Instead

When the washing cycle is finished, is it absolutely necessary for them to be heat-dried? You can save energy and money by simply letting the dishes air dry. To achieve this, simply pop the door open after the washing cycle is complete or, if possible, turn off the heat-dry setting. We know what you’re thinking. Yes it will take longer for your dishes to dry. But considering that most of us don’t empty the dishwasher right way, longer drying times shouldn’t really be an issue.

Timing is Everything

Did you know that many energy companies apply higher rates during peak hours? That being said, you should only run your dishwasher early in the morning or late at night. A good tip would be to load the dishwasher after dinner and then use the timing or delay feature to automatically start it later.

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