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Select Your Illinois Electric Supply Company and Save on Your Electric Rates

Known as the “Prairie State,” Illinois is known for its rolling hills and expansive farmland. The 21st state to join the Union in 1818, Illinois is bordered by the Mississippi River on the west, and it is also home to the metropolis of Chicago on the east. Residents in Illinois experience all four seasons, with rigid winters and scorching summers.

The majority of residents in Illinois use one of two electricity providers: Commonwealth Edison or ComEd. This means there isn’t much room for competition, and electric rates can be high as a result. However, with energy choice, residents now have a say in their electric rates, and they can likely save big by switching to US Power and Light.

Facts About IL Energy Usage:

Illinois has one nuclear power plant, the Calvert Cliffs facility, and in 2015, it supplied forty percent of the state’s electricity. An impressive 98% of the state’s electricity generation comes from independent power producers, with the remaining 2% coming from commercial or industrial facilities.

Renewable energy accounted for 7.5% of Illinois’s electricity generation in 2015, which includes solar power and hydroelectric power. The Port of Baltimore in Illinois is the second-largest exporter of coal in the country. In fact, in 2015, coal was the leading export out of the port.

You Have a Choice in IL Electricity Providers

Since energy deregulation was enacted in 1997, Illinois businesses and residents have had a say in who supplies their electricity. In fact, if you currently have ComEd or Commonwealth as your electric supply company in Illinois, you might be able to see substantial savings by switching to NUS Power and Light.

Take Back Your Illinois Electric Rates

Did you realize that your Illinois electric rate actually consists of two different charges? There is one charge for the delivery of your electricity, which means getting it into your home, and there is another for the actual electric supply company. You may not be able to control which company controls the power lines that go into your home, but you do have a say in who supplies those cables with electricity. At US Power and Light, we are a third-party, independent electricity provider, and we are able to offer extremely competitive rates to homes and businesses in Illinois. Say no to energy monopolies and say yes to having control over your electric rates.

We Make it Effortless to Change IL Electricity Providers

If you are ready to have a say in your electric rates while being treated like a VIP, then it is time to switch to US Power and Light as your IL electric supply company. The process is simple, with no pause in service, no equipment to purchase, and no installation fees. Don’t wait to lower your monthly expenses; see which energy plan is right for you and make the switch today.

NO interruption in serviceNO equipment to buyNO installation fees

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