Do Low Flow Showerheads Really Save Water and Electricity?

If you live in a home with an electric hot water heater, your showerhead may be negatively impacting your monthly electricity usage. Simply put, the more hot water you use, the higher your water AND electric bills.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • The average shower lasts 7.8 minutes.
  • The average person takes .69 showers per day.
  • It’s no secret that showering uses a lot of hot water. In fact, showering consumes as much as 20% of your monthly household water usage.

We live in a day and age where a significant portion of the population is trying to become environmentally responsible. This includes both energy and water. And for smart, environmentally conscious consumers, they are turning to low flow showerheads as a solution.

But the million dollar question is, do low flow showerheads REALLY save water and electricity? Common sense may dictate that because the water flow is weaker, people will tend to take longer showers. But let’s consider the following. Hotels around the country are notorious for low flow, low pressure shower heads. But do you actually take longer showers because of it?

Probably not. And studies have proven just that. Without boring you with tons of boring stats, people, in general, do not increase their time spent in the shower to compensate for lower flow rates. Consider yourself for a second. Does your routine change as you use different showers? Most likely not.

Now let’s use that bit of knowledge to further improve an important point. If you spend the same amount of time in the shower with the use of a low flow showerhead, what assumptions can we make?

  • In the end, you will use less water overall per shower which in turn means,
  • You will use less electricity from your hot water heater

You now may be wondering how you determine the flow rate of your home’s current showerheads. There are two ways:

  • You can look at the side of your showerhead to see if the information is printed on it or,
  • You can perform a simple bucket test. Simply turn on your shower, place a bucket under the showerhead and see how long it takes to fill up.

It’s time to consider purchasing a low flow showerhead which will save gallons of water per month, thus lowering both your water and electric bills.

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