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Maine Businesses and Residents: Did You Know You Can Choose Your Energy Provider?

Maine is the largest state in the New England area. Maine became the 23rd state in 1820, when it was admitted into the Union as a free state to offset Missouri being admitted as a slave state. Today, the two Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec, as well as New Hampshire, border Maine. The state is known for its gorgeous landscapes and stunning rocky beaches, as well as the top-tier lobster that are found off of the coast of Maine.

When it comes to the energy companies in Maine, residents are divided between Emera and Central Maine Power as their energy distributors. This makes US Power and Light an ideal option for an electricity supplier. We Love Providing Better Electric Rates to Maine Residents

Energy Choice Allows for Third-Party Electricity Suppliers in Maine

Maine has been eligible for energy choice since 2000. This means that homeowners and business owners have a choice when it comes to their ME energy provider. If your home or business uses Central Maine Power or Emera as your energy company, then there is a high probability that you can reduce your electric rate by switching to US Power and Light as your electricity supplier.

Gain Back Control Over Your ME Electric Rates

You shop for the best price for your cell phone and your cable service, and with energy choice, you don’t have to settle for the energy company that distributes to your home. While you will always use your assigned electric company to deliver the electricity to your home—since the poles and wires are already in place—or for service calls and outages, you get to choose who provides that electricity.

Thanks to energy deregulation, you can compare prices and electric rates and choose the one that fits your needs the best. At US Power and Light we offer a variety of plans and electric rates in Maine, all with a predictable monthly payment.Take the power back from your utility!

Select North American Power as Your Maine Electricity Supplier

When you switch to US Power and Light as your energy provider in Maine, you won’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy more control over your electric rate. We will contact your current energy company on your behalf, and in most instances, you will still only have one bill to pay.

The industrial sector uses the most energy in the state. In fact, it accounts for one-fifth of their energy generation, which is the highest ratio in the country besides in Louisiana.

At the end of 2015, Maine averaged the lowest electric rates in all of New England.

Maine is one of the most robust and diverse states when it comes to renewable energy resources. As of 2015, two-thirds of their electricity came from hydroelectricity (30%), biomass and wood products (26%), and wind (10%).

NO interruption in serviceNO equipment to buyNO installation fees

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