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You Have a Choice When It Comes to Energy Suppliers in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, you can choose your electricity supplier. Switching suppliers gives you the same reliable utility services – but now on your terms. Over 500,000 Massachusetts residents have already switched energy suppliers. Need a good reason to switch energy suppliers? Electricity in Massachusetts is deregulated, so you have the opportunity to find a more competitive electric rate to save money. Mass electric residents have saved up to 19% on energy bills by switching providers. Let US Power and Light help you!

Get to know your options for energy providers in Massachusetts

Energy choice in Massachusetts got its start in 1997 with the Electric Industry Restructuring Act, which gives residents the opportunity to shop for the supply portion of their energy bill. The Act, as it is commonly known, was enacted to introduce competition among energy suppliers to drive down electric prices in Massachusetts.

Despite its 20-year history, deregulated energy is still a mystery to many in Massachusetts. The truth is, behind the complicated language, deregulated energy can be a simple way to save money on your electricity supply each month. US Power and Light can help you navigate the energy markets so you can save money on your energy bills.

What is energy choice?

Energy choice is the opportunity to shop for the supply portion of your energy bill. If you haven’t examined your energy bill in a while, you may be surprised to find the energy service delivered to your home or business in MA is split up into three parts: supply, transmission and delivery. Energy supply describes the cost of energy purchased from the source of generation. This portion of your energy service makes up the bulk of your bill and is the part you can choose. Energy transmission involves the transportation of energy from the source to your utility’s distribution center. From there, the energy is delivered from the utility to your home.

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What is the role of the utility?

No matter who you choose to supply your energy in Massachusetts, transmission and delivery services will be carried out by your utility, which owns the infrastructure delivering energy to your home – such as power lines and meters. Along with these services, the utility is in charge of infrastructure repair and restoration of power to your home in the event of an emergency.
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In Massachusetts, your utility will continue to bill you for your energy supply, transmission and delivery services regardless of your chosen energy supplier. Once you start energy supply service from your alternative supplier, its billing information will appear on your utility bill in a separate part of the page. This creates a smoother transition for customers new to energy choice.

How are energy rates in Massachusetts determined?

Energy rates from your supplier and utility are determined by similar factors – with some exceptions. These factors that might impact your energy rates in Massachusetts are weather, energy availability, local regulation and supplier.

Energy supply prices by your utility are subject to change multiple times a year due to the volatility of the energy market. If you choose an alternative energy supplier with US Power and Light, you have a choice between this ever-changing plan, known as a variable-rate plan, and a fixed-rate plan with rates that stay the same for the duration of your agreement.

What should you know about energy plans in MA before you make a decision?

Variable-rate plans allow you to gamble with the price of energy and receive lower prices if the wholesale price of energy drops. However, if the price of energy rises drastically due to energy use spikes – such as those in the summer – a variable-rate plan may seem less attractive.

Fixed-rate plans may seem higher than variable-rate plans at first, but will not change for the duration of your agreement. This means that even during high energy-use months, you will not be affected by rate spikes.

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