October Is Energy Action Month — Are You Doing Your Part?

Back in 2011, then President Obama officially declared the month of October as Energy Action Month (also sometimes referred to as Energy Awareness Month) which encourages Americans to save energy, electricity, water and most importantly, money. The goal of the month is for all Americans to work in unison to strengthen both U.S. energy security and the economy.

October is the onset of cooler weather for most parts of the country. Many people have already started working on ways to save electricity and energy during the fall and winter months. And thanks to Energy Action Month, we can all work together in achieving these important goals.

Even though you are now aware of Energy Action month, knowing about it simply is not enough. Now is the time to act. Let’s take a look at what others are doing this year to celebrate Energy Action Month.


During the month of October, many schools around the country undertake various tasks on energy efficiency and conservation. Students are taught how to use energy wisely and they can take this classroom knowledge back to their homes. The goal of our schools is to teach kids that energy conservation is good for the environment, the economy and their parents’ bank accounts.

U.S. Air Force

This year, the Air Force’s Energy Action Month theme has been dubbed “Protect the Power”. The goal is to call on all members of the Air Force community to practice energy efficiency and conservation in their daily lives.

The Air Force has developed instructional materials that are being distributed to Airmen which educate them on the importance of energy and water in relation to Air Force missions. By being more energy efficient, it will help increase the Air Force’s combat capability.

U.S. Army

This year, the U.S Army’s Energy Action month theme has been dubbed “Energy Resilience Enables Army Readiness”. The goal is to reinforce the fact that reliable and secure access to energy, land and water resources is 100% vital for the Army to perform its mission both home and abroad.

One of the things the Army is doing is improving both security and energy resilience at its 156 Army installations. These improvements are also being made to over 1000 National Guard and Reserve center. These improvements will make Army installations more sustainable and resilient.

Maryland Energy Administration

The Maryland Energy Administration calls on all citizens to celebrate Energy Action Month with a lower electric bill. On their website, they have listed tips on what to do on the road to energy conservation and lower bills. Some of these tips include replacing your HVAC filters, scheduling your annual HVAC check-up, cleaning your chimney, adjusting your thermostat and cutting off energy vampires.

These tips don’t just apply to citizens of Maryland — they can be implemented throughout the nation.


Let’s all celebrate Energy Action Month. Now is the time to do your part.

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