Why Should We Conserve Energy?

Most of the articles you read on this site focus on one main topic: saving energy and electricity. But the question is, why should we be doing so? Chances are, you just shouted “To save money!” That is certainly the most popular and logical answer. But energy conservation means much more.

When it comes to saving energy, there are many different ways to do it. At home we can perform simple actions such as turning off unused devices, shutting off lights in empty rooms and installing a programmable thermostat.

Let’s talk more about turning off unused devices. One of the challenges in saving energy and electricity is finding and identifying devices and electronics that draw power from outlets even when they are not being used. These types of devices are known as energy vampires.

But saving energy doesn’t just apply to our homes. It also applies to businesses. At the office, business owners and executives can update buildings with more efficient technology. They can also work with employees on doing some of the same things that we suggested you do at home.

Image Credit: Vegan Liftz

But as we asked earlier, why do it? What’s the point? Here are the top reason why you should conserve energy:

  • As we mentioned earlier, saving energy can save you money. While this is certainly the most popular and important reason, there are more.
  • Using less energy and electricity means less fossil fuels burned. In the future the goal is to obtain electricity from cleaner sources of energy such as wind and solar power. But as of today, our primary sources of electricity are still coal and oil. And unfortunately, fossil fuels are not renewable sources of energy which means the more we consume of them, the faster these energy resources will be depleted.
  • Since fossil fuels are not a clean source of energy, becoming less dependent on these fuels can help lessen pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • When looking at the big picture, energy conservation can help preserve and save our natural resources. For example, conservation measures can help reduce the inherent risk of oil spills in our oceans.
  • One of the current plans on reducing fossil fuel consumption is to develop more nuclear reactors. The fact of the matter is, these reactors can yield a ton of electricity. But the negative to this approach is that reactors also produce a ton of radioactive waste. Therefore, the more energy and electricity we can conserve, the less we will find the need for nuclear reactors which, in turn, will reduce the threat of radioactive pollution.


We preach all the time about conserving energy and electricity but there are many questions as to why we should all care. Money is clearly the most popular and important reason. But there are far more reasons why we should all care about energy conservation.

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